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Changes in the political situation in Japan once again withdraw the legalization of the casino to the fore.

Gaming analysts believe that Japan is in excellent position, to extract the benefit from the legalization of the casino industry, as well as analyst Union Gaming, Grant Giates, recently confirmed that due to changes in the country’s political environment, the likelihood of adopting a law on casino legalization law is 50 percent.

This is the consequence of the fact that, for the first time in more than 25 years, the ruling liberal-democratic party of Japan (LDP) has a majority in both chambers of legislative bodies. LDP now has vital fifty and plus one vote, which is required, after the independent legislator from the chamber of advisers entered into LDP. This means that the LDP no longer depends on any political parties, including its coalition partner, Comateito Party, to approve any draft law.

Sinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan and his party supported the legalization of the casino, but could not get the required number of votes in the past. At the moment, it is not known when the LDP will revise the law on the casino, since all this depends on the priority list of the Prime Minister. Its immediate plans include improving the current economy and the revision of the Constitution.

Giaterten said "Gaming legislation (so-called bill "IK") Now it can be easily feasible – although the defining factor will be the place of the game on the priority staircase".

The draft law on the legalization of casinos in Japan is often called the law on integrated resorts (IR). The first stage in an attempt to legalize casino industry will take place when it is lifted a ban on casino games and slot machines, and in the second stage – introduced a bill on the introduction of IR, which outline the regulations for the development of a casino-resorts in the country.

If Japan decides to put forward a law IR, two mega casino license is expected to be released even during the initial phase. The first license is for IR in Tokyo, and the second ? casino in Osaka. Licenses for smaller casinos in places such as Hokkaido, will be released at a later stage.

If all goes well with the process of IR legislation development may begin in 2019 or 2020. A first integrated resort with casino will open in Japan in 2022 with two main contenders for these mega-license. They are the local company «Sega Sammy» and «Universal Entertainment».

«Sega Sammy» is currently working on «Paradise City» (Paradise City), Incheon (South Korea), while the company «Universal Entertainment», owned by Japanese billionaire Kazuo NCEA develops resort called «Okada Manila» Philippines.

There is also a strong likelihood that the six major casinos and developers Slot machines Macau with «Genting Singapore» also may qualify for one of the mega casino licenses.

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