News Review from 12 to 18 June 2017

Weekly News Review allows you to display all events that have happened in brief form.

1 The tragic incident shocked the world 02.06.17 years: 38 people died, and 54 were injured, as a result of which a casino license was suspended "Resorts World Manila", On the territory of which tragedy occurred.

After the next 6 casino in Macau has strengthened security measures on their territory, and also submitted a report on the work done by the authorities to request.

2 a year ago information was abducted from casino "Cowboys" by hacker attack. Last week, hackers laid out the fourth part of the information on social networks, accompanying the proceeding statement, which their efforts are aimed at protecting customer rights, and such a demonstration is only a casino reminder that the safety of their casino is insufficient and requires refinement. They also added that they will continue to post data on the network until the casino owners take appropriate measures.

3 casino "Selena" – New entertainment complex, which is in the process of construction in the complex "Primorye". Plans to build a hotel for 295 rooms, as well as install Slot machines in the amount of 500 pieces and 100 gaming tables.

4 new face brand "PokerStars" Jamaica Usain Bolt, who will represent the company worldwide.

5 bk "Betvictor" From the UK ceased to. Such a decision guide was argued by the desire for all his strength to quit for rates in casino games.

6 In Western Australia, a ban is removed from casino-liners that conduct gambling. Such a decision was made by the authorities to attract tourists, and, accordingly, to raise the economic level of the region.

7 In the authorities of Romania, there is a bill that affected the issue of advertising of gambling entertainment in the media. If the law is accepted, then such an advertisement will be allowed only on specialized sites and locations.

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