New features of Xpress function from Mazooma

The proven payment decision provider Mazooma announced the launch of its ECHECK SELECT XPRESS function in one click, intended for the current players online casinos of bookmakers.

The last function of Mazooma "Xpress" will serve as an addition to the existing payment product "Echeck Select Ach", providing new solutions for direct deposit, allowing players for online casino to place funds directly on their game accounts.

"ECHECK SELECT XPRESS deposits are the best solution for both players and operators," explains the CEO of Mazooma Justin Ferraby.

"Increased conversion is the result of an optimized account replenishment process, especially on mobile devices and in applications, which offers customers a convenient way to make funds using one click", – added Ferrabi.

Thanks to the possibility of real-time to receive and check bank data, such as user identification, account information and balance, developed the decision to protect, both customers and operators when performing transactions with gaming and sports rates.

Customers who will use the XPRESS function can skip the standard Echeck Select transaction flow, including login to online banking to complete its deposit, without leaving the seller’s cash register or inside the game environment aimed at improving the quality of users’ service.

Ferrabi explained how new functionality works:

«Xpress means that customers simply confirm that they want to use the same bank account that they used previously, without leaving the site".

Since the launch of its first product in 2009, online banking Mazooma verification technology has been used by millions of consumers, and it can be found at the checkout each regulated US online casinos and gaming establishments in other countries of the world. Strict compliance with the conditions of environment for online games honed capabilities in testing, and now Mazooma company boasts advanced safety technology based on the large experience in the processing of bank payments.

Mazooma talented team is working hard in order to take care of the clients, helping them to choose the best products to meet their needs, guiding them through the integration of. Mazooma is committed to providing excellent ongoing support and is always ready to develop new features that will help gaming operators to be more successful.

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