Offshore casino in India will be bred on land

Vijai Sardesai (Vijai Sardesi) – Government representative of Goa strongly recommends bringing offshore casino to land.

The main argument Vijai Sardesai is the fact of pollution by floating casino of the waters of Mandovi – River, which is called the "Goa Rescue Circle". If the government listens to the arguments of the Minister, the casino platform will be transferred to the shore.

The Minister of Vijai Sardesai said that he always supported the work of offshore casinos, but because of the pollution of the river, the transfer of floating sites on the embankment. Transfer It is possible to carry out the example of Hong Kong harbors with regular laser show, which will increase the attendance of playgrounds.

Casino-ships arose on Goa thanks to the law in which the construction of land establishments was prohibited, but not mentioned Water Mandodi. The level of some casino ships reaches international. Due to the ban on gambling entertainment, the Indian government began the development of a network of casino-illegal immigrants, despite the rigidity of the punishment provided. Recently, to attract wealthy visitors, the license regime has been expanded and opened Slot machines on the territory of luxury hotels.

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