Restrictions on visits to casinos in Armenia

Finance Minister of Armenia Vardan Aramyan at the government meeting announced by the authorities of the country to restrict access to the casino and gambling sites.

In the law regulating the gambling segment of Armenia "On Games with Payments in Terrestrial and Casino Online" will be submitted.

Now at the entrance to the game to play in Slot machines Pass only when presenting documents assumed by the identity of the Subscriber, this is the main change aimed at monitoring the age of visitors and strengthening public responsibility in the gambling sector.

The regulation of this point is reflected in the gambling legal database, the age of subscribers is limited to the minimum number of 21 years, but to enhance the oversight of the implementation of the restriction, new rules and norms will be approved, Aramyan Vardan said.

The category of subscribers will also come under special supervision, the capacity of which is recognized as a judicial body limited (having any addiction, alcohol, narcotic). The bodies are obliged to prohibit the entrance to the gambling platform to such subscribers and provide information to casino employees.

The introduction of another change is discussed, but its legal aspect may be a reason for judicial disputes. Subscribers will be able to independently contact consensses for the introduction of restrictions on the admission for themselves, in case of manifestations of dependence on the game.

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