The fence of minors from the influence of advertising of gambling – acute necessity

A large number of countries understand that gambling is an integral part of the life of most developed countries. But also keep in mind that for the effective functioning of this area requires constant monitoring by the public authorities to ensure protection of the rights of suppliers and consumers of this sector.

With the advent of the 21st century, many casinos have moved to the internet, than significantly reduced their advertising expenditures. Online gambling – it is one of the most popular services of the current generation, it takes 15% of the European market revenues.

Even at the end of December 2014 14 MEPs lodged a statement which expressed concern about gaining momentum gambling industry. With the rapid jump in technology advances, many consumers of the industry switched to mobile devices to access the service. However, it should be noted that a large amount of information about gambling has gone beyond the impact of decisions on audiovisual media services. The reason was the replacement of the traditional ways of advertising – TV on banners and videos in the vast Internet resource. On this basis, it was proposed to tighten control over advertising for such an extension, because at the moment it is done with less severity than control of information flowing on TV.

Given the fact that the bill is aimed at protecting the rights of consumers, including on the most sensitive clients – minors who, because of his age still can not fully be selective in terms of consumption. It is necessary either to prevent ingress of free access to information related to the gambling activities of minors, or subjected to labeling all such content and set access restrictions to 18 years.

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