Osaki wants to attract gambling operators to cooperation

Several international gambling operators are claiming the right to build an integrated resort with a casino in the prefecture. While the candidates for the issuance of the relevant license are being considered, officials are interested in possible socio-economic benefits – how will the infrastructure be improved and how many jobs will be created?

Since the Japanese legislature passed a bill to authorize the construction of integrated resorts, the country’s gambling industry has gone green. Osaka is in the greatest demand ahead of time, as the exact locations for future resorts have yet to be confirmed. Local authorities are waiting for an active stream of offers from operators that are beneficial for the prefecture.

If a place for resorts is allocated specifically in Osaka, several well-known market operators will put forward prepared proposals. Among them are Melco Resorts and MGM Resorts, who recently visited the province and showed interest in the location. Money was donated to clean up the June earthquake and Osaka festivals attended.

Apparently, the cooperation will turn out to be fruitful. The economy of the prefecture will be strengthened by the influx of tourists wishing to visit the integrated resort. But most of all, officials are interested in investing in infrastructure (operators are expected to develop transport networks), providing new jobs and social support for gambling addicts. Therefore, there is an active discussion of possible conditions, albeit in advance.

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