From Terrible’s Casino to Silver Sevens

After more than ten years of operation, the casino, which is called the "Terrible hotel" changes its name to "Silver Seven".

"Terrible" casino located east of Las Vegas in Nevada, and was acquired by the family Herbs, when it still was called Continental Hotel and Casino. Then, the casino was sold in 1999, and in December 2000 it opened with a new name Terrible’s Hotel and Casino.

Affinity Gaming has dismantled its large sign, cowboy, which now go to Neon Museum. Back in December 2012, the company completed a 7 million renovation of the casino and to the July 7 have to be ready, new logos and signs.

CEO David Nolan stressed that the new name of the casino includes both elements of the nickname of the state of Nevada, and the number that the player has always been associated with good luck.

"We wanted to bring back the old classic Las Vegas experience. This process took us a lot of strength. It was a lot of ideas. But "Silver Seven" show all targets niche ".

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