Hotels with numbers “For the health of the body”

The capital of the US Gambling Business Las Vegas offers a hotel with "for improvement". Everyone knows that Las Vegas in the first place in the United States in terms of suicide, for 100 thousand people here accounts for 34.5 suicides, which exceeds the overall rate in the country more than three times.

MGM Grand – The largest hotel complex offers updated rooms to those who appreciate their health. Maintenance of such numbers near the casino is affected by the opportunity to take a shower, the water in which is enriched with vitamin C, the highlights are prevailing the special shades of red, which acts soothing and helps the adjustment of the body when changing time zones, antimicrobial coating of door handles, and in maid vacuum cleaners for room cleaning There are ultraviolet light lamps that destroy bacteria. Well, of course, in the menu RUM-Service included vegetarian dishes from tofu, nuts and coconut milk.

The cost of daily stay in such a number is only $ 30 more expensive staying in the usual issue. Perhaps in such rooms of the losers in the casino guests will not attend thoughts on suicide.

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