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Summing up 2019, in gaming sphere there was a tendency of responsible gaming. That is, the operators put the safety, rights and interests of the user in the first place. This article will discuss the principles of responsible gaming and examples.

deciphering the term

The concept of "responsible gembling" broke into the game world quite recently, but quickly became the main requirement of the market. Therefore, operators began to adapt to a new principle of work. However, there are no template rules that must follow the company. She comes as herself considers it necessary, based on the rules of the state, personal interests and characteristics of the audience. But, despite different principles of work, the requirement of a responsible game is valid worldwide.

Principles of responsible game are certain rules that executes the operator to minimize any risks for the user in the game. The whole idea of ​​the principles is reduced to not give to play children and prevent the development of ludomania. But if you dig deeper, these rules apply absolutely to all sectors of gambling companies.

Main Responsible Heming Tools

  1. User Identification. This method is designed to prevent juvenile games to the game. In different countries, the restriction by age is different: somewhere allowed to play people who have reached 18 years old, someone has to wait for their 21stream.
  2. Self-exclusion of users. This is an excellent opportunity for a dependent player to protect yourself from the collaboration of the rates at a certain time. Some programs allow you to be close to the dependent isolate it from games. Also, the restriction can also put casino workers themselves, whether virtual or terrestrial. Specialists of gambling institutions are trained to recognize the behavior of people dependent on gambling. Basically, workers pay attention to the amount of time spent on the game by the user and the total amount of bets.
  3. Restriction on financial spending on risk group games. This method appeared quite recently, but in some countries, for example in the UK, is popular. The feature of the method is that it requires the assistance of the regulator and bank operator.
  4. The interaction of two sides. Client and casino must communicate not only during financial transactions. Their interaction lies in the form of correspondence by mail or chat, through the 24-hour support service. Casino necessarily provides information on its main page about the principles of responsible gambling.
  5. Marketing. This year, States of different countries seriously took up advertising of gambling products. Some tightened the rules, someone advertising and forbidden at all. Advertising gambling should pass a real picture to the player, and not promise a guaranteed winnings and the smallest risks.

Use of security tools on the example

On the main page of the famous online casino contains information about the responsible game. After reader reader, the right attitude towards gambling. That is, they will play slot machines and other games to have fun, and not earn. The casino makes the emphasis on the fact that the loss is quite normal and warns the user not to put such amounts that are essential for the family budget. The site has information on how to limit access to games at a certain time, how to get identification.

To start a self-slip program, the player must write a letter to the support service and indicate the reason for its decision. Then close all active windows with games and exit personal account. After these actions, the system will work. After that, the client ceases to receive emails from casino and advertising.

In addition, the casino advises to use the program that will not give the player to go to other gambling sites. For parents, a program is invited to track the actions of the child in the network.

For many readers, it is not clear why operators are ready to abandon the player who will bring them enormous income. The whole thing is that the public is widely watched by the public. And if the operator does not comply with new market rules, then the price of his shares will immediately fall. And so the operator supports its reputation and follows the humanistic principles.

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