PartnerMatrix has achieved great recognition in the industry

Partnermatrix, a powerful stand-alone software solution for an affiliate platform from EveryMatrix, makes progress in the partner sector since its launch. The program has been launched five years ago. In 2020, paying a lot of attention to the brand and branches in general, the company plans to expand its scope and submit to the market a series of new exclusive instruments.

The company’s strategy is pretty simple: investing in the development of the system and the introduction of new functions, EveryMatrix increases the profits of operators and branches and gives advanced user experience to both parties. In other words, the main goal of the program is to make customers more competitive.

Levon Nikogosyan, General Director of PartnerMatrix, commented on the launch of the program:

"Last year we launched a" reactivation remuneration "function, which allows operators to offer commissions for activated players along with newly registered users. This new tool was the first in the industry. This year we will focus on developing such tools as fraud detection, risk management, analytical reports on the duration of the online casino client game, behavior, quality of traffic ".

PARTFORD PARTNERMATRIX allows online casino operators to create, conduct and track multi-branded affiliate marketing campaigns. For the company, the importance of using branches and recognition of their influence is the on-line change that the game industry should solve to move forward in the next decade.

Levon Nikogosyan also added:

"The branches should be encouraged for every action, they lead players and in many cases they promote your brand, they increase brand awareness, placing your company banners or creating content that directly supports the platform. We need to come up with a formula that will allow partners to receive bonuses and rewards as well as the promotion of the company, in the long run, this also affects the company’s prosperity. I do not think that a similar problem can be solved in just one year. But we will try to solve this task in the coming deadlines ".

Continuing to focus on how the affiliate market can continue to promote the industry ahead, in Partnermatrix, they suggest that "flexibility and content" will be trends to which it is worth paying attention to the coming months. Under flexibility implies the ability of online casino operators and branches to solve any types of problems within one system. Some providers offer a wonderful, very easy platform with a set of versatile statistics, but additional integration will be needed for other tools, it is not very convenient.

From this point of view, PartnerMatrix offers a comprehensive solution, which includes a secure payment method, a transparent analysis and a set of all tools required for affiliate marketing online casino. Partnermatrix offers marketing solutions and consultations, customers get everything to enter the affiliate market.

Since its foundation in 2015, PartnerMatrix helps to develop an understanding of affiliate marketing in the industry. The main task of the PARTNERMATRIX team is to ensure uninterrupted and transparent operation of the system, taking into account all market risks. It is equally important to protect operators from unscrupulous branches, providing effective tools to counter fraud.

PartnerMatrix has 60,000 branches worldwide and 7 million players who serve more than 100 operators from various jurisdictions, and the brand seeks to continue this growth. The success of the brand is in constant improvement of software, as well as in the deposit in the development of the business of its customers.

The company has achieved significant success in recent years, and the figures show very clearly that partners and players trust the brand.

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