Five-year confrontation of companies “Tolkien Estate” and “Warner Bros.”Ended

Five years ago (in the fall of 2012) was a lawsuit "Tolkien Estate", legal entity guidelines by the literary property of the English writer John Ronald Ruel Tolkien, against the company "Warner Bros". The claim was reported that the brand violated the contract, in particular, exceeding his powers, namely: the company had the right to use the characters of the famous English writer to create goods of material origin (for example, toys, T-shirts with the image of the favorite heroes of the book, and so on). Firm "Warner Bros." The slot machines were released using the heroes of the trilogy, and accordingly, the digital technologies were already used to implement their goals. Company "Tolkien Estate" I demanded payment of $ 80 million for the use of trilogy characters in online gambling.

The incident began after receiving an email notification officers in the form of a spam on the release of video closet titled "Lord of the Rings. Brotherhood Ring: Online Slot game".

Retired claim filed a company "Warner Bros.", in which it was stipulated that as a result of a breakdown of a transaction in 1969, the company suffered losses calculated by millions of dollars. And indicated that the use of literary characters Tolkien in digital format does not contradict the contract concluded between the companies.

Be that as it may confrontation, the lawyers of both parties made a statement in which the termination of litigation was stated, as well as about the final settlement of the issue. The details of the agreement were not disclosed by both parties.

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