It is planned to open the casino Naga2 next year

Operator Nagacorp, Casino owner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, announced that the opening of the Naga2 casino is scheduled for 2017. Card tables (about 200 pieces) and slot machines (more than 1000) will be placed in the institution.

NagaWorld works on a regular basis at full capacity, so Nagacorp decided that the development of Naga2 near the existing resort will be a great idea. The opening of Naga2 will cost US $ 369m, the area for it was highlighted in November 2012. It is planned that the new Naga2 complex will include two components: The Nagacity Walk area of ​​13,248 square meters with shopping and entertainment sites, and the TSCLK complex, 1000 hotel rooms, 30 luxurious VIP apartments, with a new casino and multifunctional entertainment theater at 2100 seats.

Tim McNelli, Chairman Nagacorp:

"We have achieved considerable results during the implementation of the TSCLK complex project, the discovery of which is foreseen in 2017."

Nagacorp confirmed the opening of the Naga2 casino, after the Cambodian operator announced an increase in profit by 24% to US $ 125.2M in just half of 2016, thanks to the improvement of the local economy and the increase in the number of visitors.

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