Play’n Go notes the successful completion of the year

Play’n Go Company, one of the leading brands in the development of online casino games, announced its final release of the latter in the outgoing year slot called Wild Frames.

Wild Frames is a stylish slot machine with the theme of the classic Casino Las Vegas. There are many distinctive features in the game, the slot resembles the days spent in the classic chic vegas casino, starting with aesthetic design ending with symbols, such as happy seven and bells on the drums.

In the game, most basic functions are based on Wild characters that allow players to increase their winnings. Random Jokers add even more excitement in the game.

The Wild Frames Online Casino slot machine marks the end of the Around Triumphant year for Play’n Go, in which they released a record number of slot machines and achieved more success in the industry than ever before.

Play’n Go, the company specialist in the field of slot machines clearly made it clear that next year she strives to surpass this significant 2019. CEO Johan Tinckwist spoke about the new release of the slot machine and that Play’n Go is preparing next year:

"We are very pleased to present Wild Frames. The game will return to you familiar sensations thanks to classic design, and will also add an exciting and exciting concept in a player session that any, new and experienced online slot player can enjoy.

This is a great game to complete the Great Year, but we do not stop on the achieved. 2019 was amazing, and now the task is to rise even at the level higher in 2020, it will not be easy, but we know that we can achieve success, for this there is a solid foundation ".

Following its latest release of the game, Play’n Go announced that its award-winning content became accessible to the new operator online Latam Betwarrior Casino.

According to a recent press release, a Barcelona company created by former marketing directors PokerStars Morten Tonneon and Jose Del Pinot, focused on override the game mobile sector. Betwarrior was created by a highly qualified and experienced team with a deep understanding of the Latin American market.

The deal has become a "natural next step" for Play’n GO and the company, which is the leading online casino operator and sports online rates, thanks to the rich sentence, maximizing the Betwarrior output to key adjustable markets.

After the fall of this year was announced a partnership with the Multinational Spanish Codere operator, the transaction for the Content Supplier with Headquarters in Vixo is even more promoted by his successful expansion to the Latin American region.

Commenting on the partnership, co-founder and chief operating officer of Betwarrior Jose Del Pino said in a recent press release:

"We have a clear idea of ​​what direction we want to move and how to provide high-quality entertainment for players in the region. Play’n Go – the perfect partner with which we can unite. Our new partner creates the highest quality content and rich experience, which will do 2020 the Great for us. ".

Codere, the well-known Spanish company will receive access to the Play’n Go Games catalog, which will be available for countries where both companies work. First, games in Colombia and Mexico will be launched, and then the second launch phase will be released, which covers markets in Europe and Latin America.

Colombia and Mexico are now key markets for Play’n Go, as this year the supplier has received new exits in these countries. The developer proudly announced that he was provided with the licenses necessary to start their activities in Spain and Colombia. The company is widely known in the industry due to its unique look at slot machines, board games, online poker and others.

Before obtaining a license to the jurisdictions of these countries, their software was subjected to a series of thorough tests, tested and rechecked for compliance with high quality standards. After fulfilling all the necessary requirements, the brand finally gave the green light to join the prosperous Spanish market, as well as take a breakthrough in the Colombian market, which was only recently opened for international developers and operators. In Colombia, the number of operators to which the company intends to supply his portfolio of games will first limitably with the possibility of further expansion at the later stages.

Sissel Vaitzhandler, the company’s regulatory regulatory manager, said that each certified program or software license, which the company acquires, protects their position a qualitative leading provider of games, emphasizing the importance of experience gained during these numerous licensing processes.

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