Playtech launches products based on Apple’s new rules

The company Playtech announced the release of a whole range of original products, to bring its proposal into line with recent changes in the Apple App Store rules concerning applications for gaming and betting.

The revised APP Store policy should enter into force on September 3, which means that gambling companies must up to this point to ensure that their proposals fully comply with the new rules. If they don’t do it, then risk losing your applications in the store.

In June, App Store has published important updates, para. 4.7 Apple Guides. The updated manual now states that the HTML5 games, "distributed in applications, can become not affordable for real money" and that "this functionality is only suitable for code built into a binary file, and Apple may be considered".

In other words, gambling operators can no longer repack their websites using HTML5 technologies and download them to the App Store. Game applications should now include built-in functionality, that is, all aspects of the game application must be built into iOS.

Playtech for more than three years offers its customers a private application for online casino, but declares that it will now strive to expand its first-class product portfolio to satisfy the growing demand.

In a press release, published earlier this week, the gaming technology supplier said that new products would allow PlayTech to customers easily create their own applications using a software development kit, which will remove the burden of "costs and risk of extensive investments in additional software developers".

Commenting on your recent announcement, Peter Mares, Technical Director of Playtech Games Innovation Labs, stated that the changes in the App Store recommendations created a new challenge for gambling operators.

Mares added that as a veteran of the Igaming industry, Playtech understands that for the success of its customers they need some assistance from the provider to continue to work as usual. That’s why Playtech introduced its first line of products, which, among other things, includes "fully compiled online casino.

Last year, the company completed the transaction to acquire the Italian operator of sports rates and gambling Snaitech, and now directly owns and manages the leading Italian brand of digital gambling SNAI.

Earlier this month it became known that Playtech intends to expand its presence on the Adjustable Portuguese market through a recently signed agreement with the local Casinosolverde operator. In accordance with the terms of the Casinosolverde agreement, will deploy the IMS Management Platform and will take advantage of the tools and capabilities of the provider.

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