Maori tribes require ENDORPHINA slot withdrawal

Last December, the Czech company "Endorphina" Designing Slot machines, video silicle was announced, narrowing the world about the life and traditions of the New Zealand People of Maori. A colossal research work was carried out by the creators of the application, all aspects and features of the life of the tribe were studied.

Slot machine "Maori" Immediately acquired many clients who gladly dipped in the customs of the indigenous population of New Zealand. Management company "Endorphina" The output of the slot presented as a historic excursion for a detailed acquaintance with the features of Maori culture, in order to increase the erudition of its customers in this matter.

Unfortunately, not everyone has supported the exit of this slot: the heads of the tribes, as well as part of the inhabitants of New Zealand, called the application without agreement with them, unacceptable. The requirement to withdraw a video shot was put forward "Maori" From the company’s portfolio, as well as official apologies for the use of cultural values ​​in the international game. These claims expressed the public health agency Maori people "Hapai Those Haora".

In response to the plaintiff’s statements, company management "Endorphina" I apologized, told that I did not intend to bring the inconvenience to the ancient people, as well as took this slot from everybody.

So the gaming machine "Maori" will not be available before making changes to the application design. Key changes in the slot include the removal of all hints on the connection of the slot and traditions of the New Zealand people.

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