Why online casino attract women players

Gambling has always been considered as activity preferably for men. However, with the growth of the online games industry, this point of view begins to change, because more and more women, especially under the age of 35, make bets on their favorite online casino games. This led to the creation and marketing of online casino for women.

Why the number of women players is growing

Modern online casino recently adjust your tactics to attract women’s players. Why the number of women players suddenly grows with a rapid pace? According to the report conducted by Technavio, the leading market research company, women even play online casinos than men. One of the reasons is the social atmosphere. Studies have shown that women love to communicate online and take part in chat rooms with players around the world, whereas many men tend to visit online casinos with one goal: win.

As a result, currently more and more online casinos are focused on the women’s audience, try to offer slot machines that would most like women. Brands also work on updating their image and creating an atmosphere with appropriate advertising, designed specifically for women. Previously, it was often used in the ads of a woman to attract the men’s audience, now they are replaced by advertisements that turn to a wider demographic group of players.

As online casinos sell their suggestions to women

There is no doubt that women left their mark in the Gambling Industry Online Games. According to the same studies, compared to men, more women are usually involved in online poker. Women also tend to play more often in online slot machines than men. Although this is not a social game, it is believed that women like slot machines, because they do not need to worry about competition with others.

Famous online casino brands begin to pay attention to their target market and focus on attracting women players. An example of a female casino is 888 Ladies – sub-worn casino lead 888. This is an online casino decorated in white and pink colors, it is distinguished by an unusually fun and feminine design. Despite the fact that color and design are important, there is another type of women who absolutely do not like this style. Online Casino Maria has a silent, clear, pretty strict view, without a glitter and pink, giving women another aura.

Despite the fact that different marketing strategies can work so that online brands can effectively focus on gamers of gamers, a casino must understand what encourages women to be consumers of gaming products, and then use the appropriate marketing methods in online casinos.

In his interview, the leading news site Calvin Ayre Mikael String, CEO focused on the Anna Casino women, said that "women tend to use gaming products for their intended purpose – as a means of relaxation and fun. It makes them play, spending less money, but they have a much longer period of activity. We can say that they are more reasonably belonging to the use of game products compared to men. ".

Moreover, String noted that the women of gamers, as a rule, find the brand you like and adhere to this operator for a longer period of time. He noted that "this fact naturally takes on arms with many operators".

What type of marketing works best? Social Impact Marketing turned out to be the most effective marketing approach for casino brands interested in attracting gamers. 95% of women consider this marketing form an acceptable. This style of marketing is designed not only to improve the identity of the brand, but also to demonstrate the overall mission of the organization.

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