Why novomatic slots are popular

Firm Novomatics in the gambling market for a long time. She has already managed to collect a huge army of fans of their products.

The Austrian company has been working for many years, and for all the time a quick work has already managed to work a good portfolio and a number of serious discoveries. The main vision of the company are slot machines. Although the company also produces other games.

Slot machines of this company are characterized by a variety of features and functions. The format of manufactured products allows you to open the game from any device. Employees of the company carefully work on each slot. Therefore, each released product of the company is immaculate.

On the active field, as a rule, there are 3 drums. Although many companies release 5. The very first gaming machine of the company appeared in the past century and worked together with the bubble gum machine. Thanks to this innovation, the famous fruit slots began to appear. The slot worked rather interesting: when 3 identical symbols fell on the drum (in the event of a fruit), the machine betrayed the gum with the appropriate taste.

Soon the idea with a variety of characters began to develop. Gradually began to appear cartoon characters and other elements. However, the player could not understand which symbol is "higher by rank". Then they introduced alphabetic symbolism (using the elements of the cards), which is still relevant. So that there is no confusion in the characters, they are painted in different colors.

This NOVOMATIC system is always used, although there are isolated exceptions.

Every video surplus of this company sometimes gives sounds. These are the sounds of service or technical. It is worth noting that these sounds in old slots are quite sharp and loud, as they were calculated more on the gaming halls. New generation slots can boast more melodic and soft sounds. Each prize point and any other event is accompanied by a corresponding sound. Everything is done in order for the player to distinguish their designations. Also winnings accompanied by animation.

Looking at any product from Novomatic, you can put the team with the highest assessment for any important point. Why does the company turn out to produce high-class slots? Everything is simple: professionals are working on them from various areas, experts involve new technologies and wish to develop their product.

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