Why do we feel well for the game in the slots

What is common with free slot machines with coffee without caffeine and non-alcoholic beer? All these things are just simulations that make you feel what you want to feel, but without any harmful consequences. So what is so interesting in free online slots? We all know that video games can be quite fascinating, especially with excellent graphics and exciting storylines. As for the slots, they are even inferior to games in this video.

Recently, developers are trying to add gamecomctions into their slot machines, creating entertaining bonus rounds, interesting features. All these improvements do not come in comparison with ordinary video games and from the point of view of Azart is inferior to video games, however, players in slots are much larger than gamers! What is the secret? People are more willingly choose, perhaps even less interesting slot machines, and not exciting video games? And why we play the slots for real money as often as in free slot machines.

Dopamine is a key

We all know that certain areas of the brain react to certain types of external stimuli and react differently on any type of experience or activity. For example, dopamine is a connection that fills our brain when we do or experience what we consider good or exciting. You raise the level of dopamine when you eat delicious food, and when you experience something joyful and exciting when you get a long-awaited award, for example, a big win!

Nevertheless, the highest level of dopamine you can get when you are going to get a reward, but do not know when it happens. Ideal for a player in slots, not? Even free slot machines allow us to feel the excitement: the award is very close, only one move!

How gaming machines make us feel good

Providers of slot machines know how to make players feel good, and use all available funds for this. One of these tools is the so-called melee mechanic, forcing us to think that we are already very close to win. Slot machines are pretty simple: either you get one of the winning combinations, or not. For example, if you need to collect three characters to win the jackpot or get a bonus game, but two characters do not give anything. Although you can’t influence the result of your rotation, you still think that you have almost achieved the desired result, you almost won the jackpot, and next time you will definitely win!

There is another way to make us feel good, it is an opportunity to stop the rotation of the drums. When we rotate the drums, we look at them and think about them as physical objects: here they rotate, and here they stop, showing some particular combination. Some providers add the ability to stop the drums halfway so that the player can understand what controls the situation. What happens when you stop the drums and do not win? You begin to think about how the result would be if you didn’t stop the drums. If you stopped them and won – you think you won and you can win more if you try again. In any case, you are more inclined to continue to play, and dopamine receptors require replenishment, forcing you to rotate drums.

It is important to win real money

Each slot player knows this exciting feeling when you play for a while, and then suddenly you get a big win. Blood stuck in the brain, and you understand that now you have more money than at the beginning of the session, and you can either stop, or try to win more. This is a real excitement in the game, and that is why most people play slot machines for real money: to feel that they are responsible for their luck, and in their power to win money.

All studies show that players who begin to play to make money, usually get less than invested, and those who do not care about winning or losing, can manage their balance and play until the big win will occur. Make money, playing a gambling game, based on luck, use the game to feel better and stimulate your brain as it is impossible in everyday activity – it’s wonderful!

Even free games in which you can not win anything and play for pleasure, stimulate various parts of the brain, forcing you to imagine, no matter how everything turned around. Your brain suggests that if you were playing real money, you would get a big win. And, of course, sooner or later you will try to play real money to prove that your positive expectations justified.

Why do we like to try new slots

This is an interesting question. Why do we need to be frills, if they are not needed for victory, and dopamine can be obtained without them? It is so, but technology is becoming more and more perfect every day, offer us more exquisite forms of entertainment. It looks like episode V "Star Wars" in 2019. You know that the film is great, and the script is a work of art, but without excellent computer graphics is a completely different story.

Gamification in slot machines allows us to think that we do something that makes sense, and not just mindlessly press the buttons. We collect all the symbols you need, open bonus functions and accumulate resources to win a progressive jackpot, the game acquires meaning. Dopamine fills us inside, and we continue to play, even if we know that the real chances of winning the slots are small.

The main thing in the slot machines is that they are great to play, if it does not matter how much you will win or lose. With such an attitude, you can enjoy the game for a long time without any drama, and continue to excite your brain, filling with the excitement as much as you want. The responsible game is the key to everything, because as soon as gambling cease to be fun, it is worth staying. Remember that gambling is excitement, and everything else plays a minor role.

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