Details of poker history

Until now, no one can call the exact date of the First Poker Competition. But there are many stories and interesting facts about gambling games, which were popular in long-standing times.

What do we know about the appearance of poker

The game is considered an old one, and for a long time its existence, the rules, tools and methods change more than once. It is believed that this gambling appeared in the 10th century. It is known about the enormous love of the Chinese emperor to gambling. Then he played a paper domino, and the courtes did rates on the result. Through the 2nd centuries, the Egyptians began to play cards.

About the next 3 century data was not. It is known that in the 15th century in the game like poker began to play in Persia. Persians love gambling, they came up with Joker. Rich citizens played games from 96 cards. Each card was cut out of ivory or expensive wood. Poor people also played cards, but their deck had 25 cards, cards were paper and had 5 masters.

Persians traded in Europe. Together with goods on the European market and a card game. The rules of different countries differed a little from each other, but the point was the same: he won the player who was able to assemble a stronger combination of cards. Played just like that playing money. And set any amounts. Europeans were so fascinated by the game that many lost a huge capital who climbed into the inbox debts, the bloody slaughters were even arranged on this basis.

The Spanish scientist was the first one who described in his book the subtlety of poker strategies on mathematical calculations.

Soon the players learned to bluff. Now in order to win, you needed to have good acting abilities. There is a legend about the mother of blue blood, which for the sake of liberation from the prison of the Son, began to play poker. To do this, she finished acting courses and took poker lessons. As a result, the lady became a pros poker, she bluffed better than any experienced player. It helped her to pull the son and prisons. After his liberation, the woman did not abandon this occupation.

In Canada, poker appeared from the French, then he got into the United States. Americans believe that the famous Shuler Captain Green created this game. He described the game of cards for sailors and called her "poker". He was lucky to win 23 thousand dollars. Then it was a huge amount of money. He also wrote a book, where he told how to expose the cheeler.

Modern poker

Soon the poker game conquered the whole world. In major cities, institutions with poker tables began to appear, the rules began to change. The first poker competition passed in Texas in 1968. Then won K. Addington. This player has held leadership in the number of winnings in tournaments. This event has become a starting point for creating a global poker series. After 2 years, the first official tour took place in Vegas.

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