PokerStars against the Atlantic Club

Recently, PokerStars attempt to redeem the Atlantic club in New Jersey did not succeed. But, the world’s largest poker room, does not refuse hope to enter the American market. That is why, a decree was issued, which prohibits the club of Atlantic to sell itself any other firm.

The fact is that PokerStars filed a lawsuit to the Supreme Court, which accused the owners of the gambling club in the fact that they did not hold down the terms of the contract of sale. PokerStars has already invested in the club about 11 million. US dollars in order to help the institution do not go bankrupt. And now, when the club owners decided to "give the back," believes that they violate the agreement.

In his claim, the poker company claims that only the day before the adoption of the transaction, the Atlantic owners offered to pay them an additional 6 million. Dollars in exchange for extending the term for registration of the contract of sale for another 10 days, while simultaneously mentioning that they are considering alternative transactions on other potential buyers.

Now both sides are preparing for pre-heals in court, which will be held on May 17.

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