Big Data potential in online gembling

Currently, the online casino industry has a lot of data. Most often data available that casino can be removed and they do not need to be collected using primary studies, such as telephone calls or online surveys. In the presence of data obtained online during the game itself and existing advanced analytical methods, most of the information can be obtained from accounts and behavior of players in online casinos without additional research.

Structured data changed the business world by allowing industries to get an unsurpassed understanding of their customer profiles. The ability to record, collect and process huge amounts of information gives companies, including, and large online casinos to customize their products and services and significantly improve the quality of customer service. Successful business analytics system collects data from several sources – inside gaming data, social networking platforms, clicks, payments, marketing and advertising and many others.

Over the past few years, online casinos began to more often use super data arrays to improve online casino results. Like other sectors, the Casino Industry realized the importance of Big Data, and many operators hired teams of technical specialists to analyze user data. The rapid development and a surge in the gambling online games allowed suppliers to handle information about who are players, what kind of games they play, how much time they play, from where they come from and more. Having revealing the preferences of the players, the online casino industry can adapt games to player preferences. You can track how the casino player has created an account in a specific online casino. In other words, the casino has the ability to track how the player has become aware of a particular brand and how he became a casino client.

Big Data and Marketing

Online casinos and gambling providers use large data to improve their marketing campaigns and creating more personalized advertising for individual customers. Simple allocation of product advantages is no longer an effective customer attraction strategy. The gambling industry has built-in cookies that provide online casino information about their preferences. It can help gambling providers to determine demographic data and provide marketers information about which age groups and new geographic markets they can invest their efforts.

Holding players

Big data help online casinos to increase customer retention levels and customer loyalty level. Analyzing the gaming history of individual customers, gambling providers can determine which products are likely to be purchased by players. Big data can also help gambling operators determine which strategies are effective in attracting customers, and focus on those methods that work.

Using Predictive Analytics (PA) allows online casino to identify customers and orient them for free backs, additional bonuses and t. D. PA can also help gambling operators determine the sequence of games in which customers usually play.

Best customer service

The use of large data and artificial intelligence (AI) provides casino operators the ability to make customer service more automated. The industry began to introduce a Chat bots that can analyze the specific game habits of customers. This allows them to provide quick topical answers to the questions and needs of players. Many online casinos have already implemented or plan to implement AI and virtual reality to offer its customers the best service.


From a financial point of view of online casinos can determine income and profit, knowing the player’s behavior, deposits that the player usually does, the amount he spends will be whether the players will be ready to spend more and how much more, if the right bonuses are offered, as the player responds after victory. Using the predicted Analytics of online casinos have the possibility of early recognition of various risks, based on the methods of payment and conclusions used.


Big data became an important part of the casino industry and gambling, and their effect will only grow. It is difficult to predict the future influence of big data on gambling online games. However, in the next few years, two technologies will play a vital role in collecting data – blockchain and artificial intelligence. These technologies are still under development and must be improved before their potential will be as fully implemented in gambling.

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