Practical advice for gamers of slot machines

online casino, but also in terrestrial game plants. According to official data, the slots bring the game institution more than half of the entire revenue. How to win in the slot machine?

That gemblings should know about machine guns

The game in slots is pretty simple and does not require special skills. Just put money and pull the lever or press the button. Winning – Case Case. Although many people do not know about the developed strategies that can help the player make winning real.

Be absolutely sure that 100% of winning slots do not exist. Regularly the machine to bring significant winnings can not. Therefore, an experienced player enjoys in different ways: practice, likelihood theory, its own developed strategy.


  1. Adjust finance correctly. Judge yourself if you came from $ 100 into the game establishment and immediately put all your money, a big risk right away is nothing with. Why put everything right? Should give yourself more chances for winning. Therefore, it is better to distribute the entire amount into small equal parts and put. Most players think that the more he rotates the drum, the chance of winning increases. But it is not. Slot machine works on the "random number" principle, so the high probability that you will win only after 1000 spins. Or maybe not. This is the case of the case. Many prefer to restart the car. But it will not help. The program will simply return to the beginning of the numeric list. Many argue that the machine issues winnings at a certain time of a particular day. No evidence of this. Everything that can be advised is to give yourself more chances for winning. That is, play with low rates.
  2. Adjust the time. The player must remember that the casino is expensive. And the winnings does not depend on how long the player will spend at the slot machine. If a player feel that luck turned away from him, take a break. It is worthwhile installation: rest after 30 minutes of play. Then the gamer will actually appreciate his chances, will start controlling what is happening around. Meanwhile, the generator will scroll through several cycles.
  3. Play where you like. It should be remembered that luck comes to positive and relaxed people. So spend time behind the slot machine in the place where calm and comfort feels.
  4. Look for a high return rate. About RTP is written in the description of any slot. It is worth playing only in those automata, where the percentage of return high. Let the potential winnings are not so big, but the winning combinations are much more.


  1. Put more after each loss. Everything is simple: if you lost, increase the next rate. The essence is simple: each loss increases the chance of winning the next back. And the longer amount of the bet player overlaps. But to win, the player must put quite a large number of times.
  2. Reduce the bid after losing, increase after winning. Essence: Almost half of the rates in the automata brings loss. Although there is a drawback in this strategy – the player easily can win during the smallest bet and vice versa, lose during the big.
  3. Put on the "Pyramid" system. That is, the rate should be increased gradually. After the biggest bet, it should be gradually reduced.
  4. Put that low, then high rates. Use such a strategy should be in automata that do not offer progressive jack-sweat.
  5. Put once a day. Just to bet you need in the slot where the progressive jack-sweat is played.

Even using different ways and strategies, no one will give 100% guarantees that it will help win. Therefore, it should be treated for such an occupation not as a way to make money, but as to entertainment. Before going to play, take with you a certain amount of money you can spend. Thus, the loss will not hit the family budget. And perhaps the player will smile luck.

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