Receptions of scammers in the casino

The present slots look completely different as before. Many of them have survived the transformation. And all due to the fact that there were players who wanted to win in any way. They used a variety of methods of cheating game machine. Consider the top 5 of the most interesting types of fraud, which used gamers a couple of dozen years ago.

With the help of a thread coin

In 1988, a video coaster broke in one casino. When experts disassemble the machine to find out the cause of the breakdown, they discovered a coin with a thread.

And the scheme is simple: the player lowers the coin into the car when the system accepted a loan, he pulls her. So the coin can be used many times. Although now slots that would take coins, no. Therefore, it will not be possible to use this way.

Back in the 80th year, the manufacturer of the equipment released the washers, which were by weight and size identical to the coin. Scammers took advantage of the new invention. This is spoken of finds in slots throughout the state.

Fake or unsuitable money

Many cast coins of other countries that are suitable. Similarities can be found many, the main thing is that the coin goes into the slot for coins and the car accepted them.

Online casino such methods will not accurately work.

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