Accession to EGBA Austrian Bar and Gambling Association

OVWG (Osterreichische Vereinigung Fur Wetten und Glucksspiel) joined the EGBA and Sala of the third participant after the combination of the Swedish Association and the Gibraltar Trade Association a few years ago.

EGBA is the European Association of Associations and Operators, whose headquarters is located in Brussels. The task of the organization is to ensure the right of European subscribers to participate in gambling online.

OVWG, in turn, is the voluntary association of international operators of the Igor market operating in the Austrian territory. Companies include companies like Unibet, Leovegas, Wettpunkt, Tipico and Interwetten. The purpose of the Association is to develop rules that determine the fair competition of casino operators online.

President OVWG Claus Retschitzegger (Claus Rethastegeger) expressed confidence that unification with EGBA will strengthen the position of association in the EU and in the country, in particular. EGBA has a sufficiently significant weight in the gambling industry for a long time and owns information about many laws and markets in Europe, which will undoubtedly benefit OVWG. OVWG task, first of all, is the support and promotion of honest new standards of games online in Austria. The current position of the online games in Austria testifies to the absence of legal definiteness and the association with EGBA will provide an opportunity to the Austrian Association to make its own contribution to the creation of norms that meet the requirements of the European Union and, at the same time ensuring the protection of the player.

Secretary EGBA Maarten Haijer (Maarten Hyer) noted that the accession of OVWG to the Association proves the importance of the importance of legal discussions on the regulation of the game sector Slot machines online. In Europe and, in particular, in Austria, where many well-known operators are successfully operating, legal norms regulating the sphere of the gambling industry, corresponding to the modern digital economy and user requirements.

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