Development of the Gaming Industry of Lithuania

At the legitimate level, the gambling sector of Lithuania has been 18 years. How developed and changed the gaming industry?


After Lithuania has become independent, slot machines literally flooded all public places. At the same time, such gaming activities were not controlled by anyone and equated to computer games, so even minors played.

Shadow business actively bloomed and to eradicate it, the state decided to legalize gambling. The corresponding first law was adopted in 2001. Immediately created the State Commission, the purpose of which was the control over the gambling sector. In 2012, this commission was reorganized into a body that is engaged in supervision of gambling.

After the release of the law, the gaming segment began to actively develop in the country. Now in Lithuania employs 18 casinos, 205 gaming rooms and 163 points for receiving rates.

Virtual games

Although the online casino exists for a long time, but in Lithuania, significant changes occurred only in 2016.

The regulatory authority gave the right to all residents of Lithuania to play legitimate virtual sites and in the case of disputes with the operator, to deal with the regulator. This right to illegal sites do not apply.


Because of the rapid growth in the popularity of gambling, the Society has a new disease – Ludomania. Experts believe that people dependent on games could not attend the time of learning all risks of gambling. Yes, and help a couple of years ago, no one could really. Now everything has changed.

The regulator actively solves the problem of this disease and helps ludomans in every way. In 2005, an agreement was signed with gambling operators, which allows players to submit a request for self-exclusion from gambling. The operator without questions blocks this user. A bit later created a single register of self-slip. If a person is in it, then no operator should allow him to play.

Restriction for children

Initially gambling were available absolutely to all. Now faces below 18 years are not allowed for gambling entertainment. Operators are required to check each person. When a minor or a person who is in the registry of self-excursions, such persons are not allowed to the club. Are also not allowed in the personality hall that refuse to show their certificates.

Restriction on advertising

Advertising is one of the main product promotion tools. However, Lithuanian authorities adopted a new law, after the entry into force of which banners and bright slogans will disappear. Only names or brands will be advertised. Additional information advertising is prohibited. Gambling advertising on juvenile sites will be prohibited.

What today

Today in Lithuania there are about 4500 slot machines. From November 1, each slot machine will be connected to a single system. All data will be collected in it. Thus, a transparent, honest game is ensured and fraud is excluded.

The regulator enhances monetary control in game establishments in order to exclude money laundering.


For 18 years of the existence of the playing sector in Lithuania, it has changed significantly. Initially, he was completely uncontrollable, and today it is transparent, stable and attracts players and investors to himself. Tighted laws related to gambling, the market is fully in the nose with technological progress.

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