Entertainment complexes Hollywood I and Hollywood II Now in the hands of new owners

Company "Storm InterNeshnl", Founded in 1992, owns gambling establishments around the world. Its casino can be found in Armenia and Georgia, Belarus and Germany, and other countries of the world.

In 2009, the company opened two divisions in Mexico in the city of Monterrey: Hollywood and Hollywood 2. These Mexican gaming establishments in their arsenal numbered about 1000 slot machines. They are created in the style of the middle of the 20th century, thanks to which guests can not only play in Slot machines, But also enjoy show programs, listen to the performances of popular music groups and enjoy the kitchen of various countries of the world. Availability of a VIP club for regular players, also adds a special gloss to these institutions.

And now, seven years later, the management of the company, it was decided to sell these divisions. It was taken in connection with difficulties that did not allow business to develop in this area.

President Michael Bottcher The main problem in doing business sees the instability of the legislation and the insufficient transparency of the work of the authorities. It was invested more than $ 30 million, 400 jobs were provided, but the expectations did not justify themselves.

The company does not disclose the cost and buyer. It is known only that these entertainment complexes are sold on the basis of optimization, as well as to attract additional funds to their new projects.

Darren Keen (Chief Managing Director "Storm InterNeshnl") calls more promising and preferred markets of Asia and Europe and plans to concentrate attention to them.

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