Reconstruction of the abandoned Constanta casino begins in Romania

After it was announced by the Romanian authorities last month that the Constanta Casino could be rebuilt and refurbished, planning and work began. The famous casino, which was once called the Romanian Monte Carlo, is located in Constanta and has been an iconic landmark on the Romanian coast for over 100 years.
Reportedly, the reconstruction and full restoration of the Constanta Casino building is due to be completed in mid-2022. The reconstruction and restoration of the casino will also include the arrangement of recreation areas on the embankment on the Black Sea with investments in the region in the amount of 12 million euros.
The building of this famous casino was abandoned almost two decades ago due to security concerns. Constanta Casino was a high-end entertainment establishment for the wealthy elite with over fifteen card game tables and two pool tables. The casino hosted annual parties for locals and tourists alike, who flocked en masse to the high-end Romanian casino.

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