Reforming Gambling Malta Legislation

In the official publication of Malta Gaming Authority – the gambling regulator in Malta – the points of basic reforms in the legislative framework of the gambling industry.

The reformed base of the norms and rules will allow the Maltese Igor Commission to take more flexible solutions. The purpose of change is to reduce the unnecessary unnecessary regulatory load that prevents the coordination process, while simultaneously, changes in the legislation in the Igor region will strengthen regulatory control in the field of reinforced risks.

Together with the introduction of reorganization, norms protecting end users playing in Slot machines, The attention of the Commission will be focused on areas with a higher profile risk, as well as stimulating casino development.

Basic new provisions:

• increase in the level of consumer protection;

• The existing multi-licensed system will be replaced by licenses: B2C and B2B;

• Improving criminal and administrative processes;

• Expansion of MGM influence;

• Reporting automation;

• To increase the competitiveness of the Maltese gambling industry, the B2B licensees will be exempt from gambling tax;

• Tax modification for the greatest efficiency.

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