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We offer you a list of the most popular gaming jurisdictions and a brief assessment of the activities of state regulators in these regions. A key factor influencing the activities of operators, is the trust of the players. Customers must feel confident that someone controls the process and ensures that they are not deceived. Therefore, regulation and licensing of gambling sites is so important. In most developed countries, government agencies assume responsibility for ensuring control and licensing, both operators and games provided.

North and Central America

Gambling commission canvas

Market regulators online gambling

Kahnawake Gaming Commission since 1999 regulates the gambling industry on the territory of the Mogawk tribe (Mohawk) Ghana in Quebec. Perhaps the most recognizable name among online regulators.

Compared to others, the minimum tax fee is installed in the ghank, which makes this jurisdiction most attractive for operators who want to work worldwide. Especially if they do not want to go on locally regulated markets.

Council Nevada for game control

Market regulators online gambling

Nevada Gaming Control Board, created in 1955 – the legislature authorized to regulate and monitor the activities of the state casino. Taking into account the amount of work, the Council became one of the most influential players on the world map of state regulators.

Since 2013, NGCB also oversaw online poker legalization in staff. Interactive licenses issued in Nevada allow the operator to only offer poker on its territory and in Delaware.

New Jersey Game Regulation Department

Market regulators online gambling

Leading the gambling zone in Atlantic City, the state authorities of New Jersey in 1977 created New Jersey Casino Control Commission – government state authority, endowed with extensive authority of regulating the gambling industry in all segments of the industry. Casino Control Commission is engaged in licensing operators, complaints, certification of revenues of institutions, other events.

New Jersey Division of Casino Enforcement (DGE) at the same time – the department of the Department of Justice and Public Secondary Security of the State is engaged in security issues in the gembling industry, controls the transparency of gambling business and compliance with the legislative provisions.

Since the end of 2013, Atlantic City provides the possibility of obtaining licenses for the organization of online activities. Currently, licensees can be operators offering gambling services within the state of New Jersey.

Panama Game Control Council

Market regulators online gambling

From 2002, Panama Gaming Control Board (Junta de Control de Juegos) has issued a license to gembling companies leading online activities both within the country and around the world.

The licenses acquired in Panaman jurisdiction are considered reliable. Low fees and stable government supporting good relations with North and South America make Panama attractive for operators from around the world.


Gambling Commission United Kingdom

Market regulators online gambling

Uk Gambling Commission – Gambling Regulator of Great Britain, created in accordance with the Law on Gambling from 2005, controls most of the forms of gambling and betting in the United Kingdom. An exception is the sports bets that another body is engaged in Sports Betting Intelligence Unit – a division under the UKGC Commission established in 2010. Sports Betting Intelligence Unit monitors remote rates, including licensing gambling sites.

Oversight Organ for online games of France

Market regulators online gambling

Autorite De Regulation Des Jeux En Ligne or Arjel was created in 2010 in France after the legalization of gambling online. Currently, Arjel issues licenses that allow companies to offer gambling online services in France – one of the largest bookmakers in Europe. ARJEL resolution allows operators to offer players rates on sporting events, jumps, poker.

Independent administration of state monopolies Italy

Market regulators online gambling

The Amministrazione Autonoma Dei Monopoli Di Stato, better known under Abbrevia AAMS, controls the gambling market in Italy. Today, the regulator issues licenses to operators of gambling online at Casino, Poker, Sports Bets, Bingo.AAMS licenses allow operators to conduct legal gambling activities in the inner Italian market, but prohibits working outside the country.

As in neighboring France, Igor’s regulation in Italy is criticized by operators due to high taxes and fees (some rates exceed 20%).

Spanish Games Commission

Market regulators online gambling

In 2011, Spain became the last major European country that created a self-sufficient regulated gambling market. Directorate General For the Regulation of Gambling (DIRECCION GENERAL DE ORDENACION DEL JUEGO). DGOJ – one of the most "young" European regulators. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, the department established in accordance with the provisions of the Law approved in May 2011 deals with issuing licenses, supervision, control and authorization of gambling activities. Mandatory requirements for the online operator is the domain registration in the zone .es.

Commission on Supervision of Gambling Islands Maine

Market regulators online gambling

Gambling Supervision Commission Isle Of Man since 1962, is engaged in licensing and regulating all operations related to betting on the island. Also, the regulator issues licenses for gambling on the Internet.

The Commission chose a regulation option similar to Gibraltar, offering long-term licenses and low tax rates, which creates very favorable conditions for operators.

Jurisdiction of the Isle of Man – Popular place for operators who want to offer services to customers from all over the world.

Gambling Commission Malta

Market regulators online gambling

Malta Gaming Authority attracts operators to acquire licenses by offering relatively low taxes and the ability to receive rates from anywhere in the world.

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) was previously called "Lotteries and Gambling Commission" (Lotteries and Gaming Authority). Regulates the various sectors of the Azart industry, provides players honesty and transparency of the game. MGA duties include warning crime, corruption and money laundering, protection of minor players. According to many operators, MGA is the leading regulator in Europe.

Alderney Gambling Supervision Commission

Market regulators online gambling

Alderney Gambling Control Commission – Another Commission based on the British Islands. AGCC was created in May 2000 and is an independent and non-political organization. Regulates online gambling Alderney on behalf of the state. The main goal is to protect and strengthen the reputation of Alderney at a high level.

Belgian Igor Commission

Market regulators online gambling

Although online gambling is considered in Belgium a legitimate type of entrepreneurial activity, regulation rules are very tough. Belgian Gambling Commission independently decides who to give the license, and who can refuse without explanation. The refusals fall into the "black list", in which more than 100 sites are already located.

Companies that have received Belgian licenses may offer services only to customers within the country on exclusive sites available only in Belgium. Despite the fairly high tax rates, operators seek to receive a gambling License Belgium – to strengthen positions on a small but profitable domestic market.

Danish gambling management

Market regulators online gambling

Danish Gambling Authority or DGA accepts applications for licenses from gambling companies since 2012. Prior to that, all Internet rates in the country regulated Danske Spil – a state company held a monopoly on gambling.

Today, Danish Gambling Authority allows operators registered in any country to apply for a license to work in the Denmark market. Licenses provide access only to work with local customers, and high taxes (20%) – are unbearable for many operators.

Gambling Commission Jersey

Market regulators online gambling

Jersey – the largest of the Norman Islands, located between France and England, entered the list of gambling jurisdictions online since the establishment of the regulator Jersey Gambling Commission, in 2010.

The Commission offers licenses to operators and software providers. Low tax rates and lack of restrictions attract operators from around the world.


Association of Gambling Online Games Curaçao

Market regulators online gambling

Officially, operators take bets online at Curaçao since 1993, and the regulatory authority, Curacao Internet Gambling Association was created only in 2002. Initially, the Association offered a "master license". Today, the majority of firms take "sublicacy".

Curaçao is popular with operators. Corporate tax rates are very low (about 2%), there are no additional taxes and restrictions.

Gambling Commission online Aruba

Market regulators online gambling

DAC works on a similar scheme as the Curaçao regulator, since both countries have not been part of one jurisdiction – the Netherlands Antille Islands. The main difference is that Curacao regulates both ground and online bets, while these directions of gembling in Aruba are regulated by individual institutions.
The license does not allow operators to enter the country market, but it makes it possible to offer services around the world.

Antigua Games Control Department

Market regulators online gambling

Antigua Division of Gaming One of the first regulators was created in 1994 under the Financial Services Commission. Offers operators low taxes and does not impose geographic restrictions. Jurisdiction is popular among operators who want to take rates from the United States and other developed countries in which online gambling is under the ban.

Philippines Games and Entertainment Corporation

Philippines – the only jurisdiction in Asia, offering licenses for gambling online. This puts it in a favorable position, since the Asian market is very popular.

Market regulators online gambling

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor) offers companies tax breaks and allows you to take rates from other countries. The only condition is not to work in the local market.

Pagcor manages only ground platforms, although there were proposals to allow him to regulate online Gambling Philippines.

First leisure and resorts corporation

Market regulators online gambling

First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation remains the only organization offering licenses for gambling online Philippines.

Australia and Oceania

Australian Commission on Games and Jumps

Market regulators online gambling

Gambling and Racing Commission has strict rules for regulating online rates, but there are certain forms that are allowed on the condition that companies receive the appropriate license. These include races and lottery. The Commission also issues a license to the Bookmakers of Australia.

Despite the relatively high taxes and fees of the gambling industry, many largest bookmaker world brands took care to get a license Gambling and Racing Commission. The obvious reason is that Australians spend more money at rates than anyone else in the world, which makes the gambling market of Australia profitable for large operators.

General Council of Licensing of the Northern Territory of Australia

Market regulators online gambling

Northern Territory Director-General Of Licensing was created in 2015 and controls the process of activity of various branches of the gambling industry. Including online betting and lotteries that offer foreign operators, provided that it will not impede the work of Australian corporations.

Customs and Tax Department of Island State Vanuatu

Market regulators online gambling

VANUATU CUSTOMS AND INLAND REVENUE offers low tax rates – 0.1%, as well as an impressive consumer protection portfolio, but the remote location of the Vanuatu does not contribute to an increase in the number of operators, although the licensing authority is interested in expanding the boundaries of the activity.

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