Advertising gambling in Georgia to be

Previously, the Georgian Parliament considered the draft law on banning advertising gambling. However, the government decided not to promote this law. This was announced recently the chairman of the country’s parliament.

Georgian deputy declares that discussed this proposal in parliament has stopped several months ago, although other executive committees supported this idea. But it is the Government who must approve the draft law. The deputy with solid confidence declares that it will bring it to the end.

In addition to the ban on advertising, the authorities considered a proposal to increase the age of gambling players. Earlier in Georgia could have been legally played from 21 years old. The proposal has now received an increase in the age of young gamers up to 25 years.

A deputy that promotes these laws is concerned that almost every idea is associated with gambling at the legislative level, not approved or is not considered at all.

To date, 50 operators operate in Georgia. And each increases its income from year to year. It is known that 2 years ago income from gambling business in Georgia amounted to almost 138 billion rubles. Over the years, the leading positions at the Igor Georgian market occupies Bethlaiv and Adjarabet. In 2017, the last company calculated incomes of 933 million rubles.

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