The decision to transfer to the land casino is accepted

Deadline for the Offshore Floor Casino Offshore from Waste Mandodhodi to land will be three years.

Minister Shadzie Sarezi previously initiated a project to move floating sites for playing Slot machines ashore, because of the pollution of the Mandodi River. The state authorities of the South-West of India supported the project of Saresta about liquidation from the waters of Mandhodi Casino shields. This was stated by the adviser Mauvin Godan from the Cabinet of Ministers. Based on the statement, the water of the local river will be cleaned of playgrounds over the next three years. The statement also states that government government officials consider and evaluate several options for transferring casino shields to the coastline.

To implement this intention, it is necessary to make changes to the laws, according to which the construction of terrestrial gaming sites is prohibited. The amendments must determine the impossibility of activity of the casino in the waters of Mandodi. Already a few previous months, moving game sites in the focus of officials. Only one question is discussed – move the casino or not. According to the adopted displacement decision, five offshore casino ships will be transferred to the shore.

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