I decided to escape from debt, jumping over the board

Chinese player who lost in the casino on board the Cruise liner Hong Kong 120 thousand dollars, tried to escape, jumping overboard in the harbor Victoria. Did not stop him and the fact that in this bay love to spend their time shark.

Chinese laws provide for gambling on special cruise liners when they exit international water. One of their such routes takes place between Lei Yue Mun and Kwun Tong, and on Wednesday night on March 13, 33-year-old Mr. Lu decided to run, because he played a borrowed fund.

Mr. Lou undressed to underwear, took a life jacket and jumped from the third deck in the sea. But the escape was unsuccessful. It was noticed by other passengers liner and reported an incident to the police. A little later, a unfortunate player picked up by a passing boat, and he was taken to the police.

The effect of gambling for a man’s psyche is the main question that remains unresolved for the authorities of China. Officials work a lot to protect their citizens from the negative impact of gambling and reduce the number of social problems caused by gambling business. Although this time the human tragedy managed to avoid, but this is not the first attempt to lose the loser passengers to leave the liner. So in 2010, Mr. Xu, who was 51, jumped from 13 decks of Hong Kong Star Cruises Superstar after lost about 5 million Hong Kong dollars. Falling with such a height turned out to be unsuccessful, and the man did not succeed.

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