Results of the research on gambling in Kazakhstan

In order to identify the influence of the gambling industry on residents of Kazakhstan, the well-known agency conducted a thematic study. It helped to reveal how serious people are passionate about the gembling in the country, and even dispelled several myths.

Since in Kazakhstan, a gambling business began to rapidly gain popularity in recent years, the state is a serious about the safety of citizens. Therefore it was necessary to carry out this study. Residents from different regions of the country participated in the study.

The conclusion to which experts came, is alarming – almost all citizens can not distinguish gambling from ordinary. Biggage places are to blame for this.

Almost 70% of the respondents said they would not see any benefit from gambling, when a smaller part is confident that the benefit for society from such entertainment is still. This is explained to win at the rates, you need knowledge and skills. And winnings from gambling to a greater degree depends on the happy case.

Almost 52% of gambling fans choose rates, and 37.4% prefer lottery.

Almost everyone who participated in the survey is confident that the popularity of gambling is not a big state problem. People are more concerned about medical care, the difficulties with the younger generation, education, ecology, products prices.

Meanwhile, analysts stated that the demand for gambling in 2019 was much less than was in 2018. Although the state is seriously configured to create a bid accounting center. Everything in order to maximize the game market. Although many opposed such a proposal.

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