Robots will replace staff at Las Vegas casinos

The introduction of automated technologies in Las Vegas casinos will allow gambling establishments to generate greater profits by reducing the cost of numerous staff. This was stated by an expert from the University of Nevada David Schwartz.

“Soon, all the casinos in Las Vegas are going to undergo significant restructuring, and it’s not just about the look and feel. There will be a lot less staff on the playgrounds in the casino. Thanks to a good investment in technology, robots will replace some of the staff. The use of such robots for operators on the Vegas Strip will bring them even more profit, ”said David Schwartz.

However, these innovations will negatively affect the working conditions and salaries of casino employees. In the summer of this year in Las Vegas, employees of gambling establishments took to the action and protested against the automation of casinos. But the owners of gambling establishments see great prospects in the automation of their casinos and are ready to invest a lot of money in this direction. Therefore, casino employees need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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