The role of the dealer in the gambling hall

About the dealer in the casino often forget. But it represents the game world within the playful institution itself. It provides the quality and honesty of the card game, follow the order.

First mentioned the game house in ancient Rome when the circus appeared. There people played in the bone and put on the outcomes of the competition. And then, during gambling, people who watched the order, honesty of the game worked and prompted the rules. It is believed that the full casino appeared in the 18th century.

Dealer functions

A lot of functions are entrusted to the dealer. He accompanies the game card process, and also works with players.

This employee must know the rules of most games in thoroughness. Moreover, it should be available to explain to their guests. The dealer is a casino face, so he must keep the brand: keep the conversation, interest the guest, be honest and open.


  • Maintain honest game. If the player viz the dealer is obliged to say this.
  • Distribution of chips and packing cards.
  • Customize conflicts, try to find a common language with each client. Report a state of emergency.

Cons at work

Very often, the losers have negligence roughly speaking in the direction of the dealer. In turn, the casino worker should not succumb to provocations and be restrained. Before the critical situation, the case does not reach, as the protection is always alert. In addition, the cameras are fixed.

The dealer is obliged to work on schedule and be disciplined. He must constantly change the tables to celebrate suspicion. Employees should not communicate on personal topics in the hall.

Outside the game establishment, the dealer should not communicate with visitors, because they can easily develop a plan of illegal actions. After all, if an unpleasant case occurs in a casino, the first thing will be checked the dealer.

Knowing the case in America when the casino worker was abandoned. He was accused of collusion with players. During his work, the casino lost about a million dollars. As you know, an employee simply showed players needed to win the card. The work of the employee at any time can check the cameras if the casino has suffered losses during his work.

Workers have some casinos in the form no pockets. So he will not be able to hide the card. Worker should not wear expensive decorations. His behavior appearance and clothing must be completely neutral.

Dealers work in most cases at night. A healthy person will restructure quite difficult. Highly appreciated in the employee knowledge of foreign languages ​​and excellent communication skills. So an employee can find a common language with any guest of gambling.

In addition to complex moments, many choose the work of the dealer due to:

  • High salary and tip;
  • Excellent practice of a foreign language;
  • Opportunities for career growth;
  • Obtaining invaluable experience in the game sphere and service sector.

Main responsibilities:

  • Communicability;
  • Thorough knowledge of gambling rules;
  • The ability to behave in any situation;
  • Professionalism in possession of chips and cards;
  • Basic mathematical skills;
  • Stress tolerance.

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