The role of lottery in China

It is believed that the famous Lottery Keno takes its origins from the ancient China. This gamble occupies a top place on sales, and in China is considered the only legal.

Lottery as a game arose simultaneously in China and Rome. Now it is clear why this game occupies a special place in the life of every Chinese. PRC dictates fashion in the field of lotteries for the whole world. For example, the check lottery was first launched in China, and now it is gaining popularity worldwide.


In written publications about the lottery, it was mentioned long before our era. The creator of the lottery is Chang Liine. Then the ruler used this type of game to finance the army. Then there were voluntary donations to the troops, and sacrificed a few. This idea was very successful: in the account of the army hung a decent amount, and the population really liked this type of entertainment. Interestingly, part of the famous historical building was funded by means of lottery.

In the ancient century on lottery tickets there were only hieroglyphs. Now the Chinese use ordinary numbers.


Now the draws in the country are very popular and are used rather original way. For example, Chinese will not buy a number for his new car, he will need to win it in the lottery. Every month 20 thousand lucky people get their numbers. Such a move is only a plus for ecology and economy, although it is quite absurd. But despite this, the draws of such a plan are increasingly gaining popularity.

The Chinese government is configured against and organizing gambling entertainment. This applies to both the shadow market in the country and in the world field. The government is extremely negative about when operators are focused on the Chinese consumer, and does not allow the functioning of ground gambling establishments near the borders of the PRC.

Now only sports and charitable lottery is allowed in China. Other types of gambling are strictly prohibited.

Sports lottery in China is very similar to the activities of the bookmaker. Meaning the same: users put on the results of sports events. But the lottery system itself is adjusted for Chinese legislation.

When the last world football championship was held, sports lottery in the first quarter collected more than 16 billion dollars. Sales Dynamics was uniform in all Chinese regions. Each large-scale event produces a real excitement in the Chinese sports lottery.

Interestingly, the popularity of sports lottery only exceeds a charitable.


However, not everything is so rosy in the Gaming Industry of China. A huge problem in this area, and not only in this, is corruption. Recently, a big scandal thundered, which broke out against the background of assigning a prize fund from the lottery part of officials. However, the authorities, despite the requirements of citizens, did not name the exact amount that officials were assigned. Journalists gave information that it is about 19 billion dollars, although the inhabitants of the PRC did not believe this figure. They think it’s about the sum of more. 5 high-ranking officials were guilty.

By law 50% of the lottery revenue goes on prizes, 35% – on social assistance, 15% – on administrative waste.


Although Chinese lotteries have their own specifics, it should not be noted that such a type of gambling is wildly popular in all Chinese regions. Interestingly, the uniform trend in the demand of lotteries in different parts of the PRC is observed. And even corruption scandals did not affect negatively on the development of the industry.

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