Crime growth in Macau due to gambling

According to the materials provided by the Security Security Secretary of Wong SiO Chak (Wong SIO Chuck), the level of offenses in the gambling industry sector clearly increased in Macau this year.

Materials submitted by the judicial police in Macau on the number of criminal cases at the end of March of this year – 3502 processes, in comparison with the figures last year show the growth of the latter by 5.1%, of which 424 are offenses related to the gambling industry, which exceeded the data Last year by 15.2%.

Accordingly, the number of intended and accused increased to 1822, which amounted to excess of 12.8% on the background of the number last year. 445 people from the above number are accused of crimes in gambling industry.

The number of attempts to use fake casino chips to play in Slot machines It doubled from 50s to 95th, even theft of chips from the casino began, six people were detained for the embezzlement of chips in the amount of 77 thousand. USD. Also in the Wong SiO CHAK statement indicates that March was difficult for PJ workers due to offenses in the gambling industry.

In the ranks of police Macau, representatives who cover criminal groups of Roshovshchikov were also identified, 9 policemen were condemned for prison imprisonment.

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