The largest international cybersport organization

The largest international cybersport organization is Electronic Sport League. In this publication, we will consider in more detail than this company does.

The organization has been successfully operating for about 20 years, it opens up new branches and is constantly improving. About 4 million people are registered on the company’s website.

The main functions of the company are:

  • Marketing tasks of their projects;
  • Organization of projects;
  • Help in the development of cybersports and technologies.

Every day, with the help of this organization, more than 10 thousand tournaments are held in the world. Such a scope of work, and popularity forced to create separate structures that would be involved in specific sports and a certain kind of events. Projects can be conducted at the national or international level, they may be amateur or professional.

For beginners

Sports teams who are not professionals, or only joined the track of great sports, take part in amateur competitions. They are held at the country level or at the world level. Such tournaments are called Ladders and AMATEUR SERIES.

The first type of competition implies the rating of each athlete and a whole team. Interestingly, the team at this level can invite to compete any team. Often such matches hold players themselves. Game rating is summed up.

The team that received an invitation to participate in the competition may not agree. She has the right to choose. In ranking 20 seats. Below are new teams that have no points yet. If the participant does not play in the tournament, which was declared, he can accrue penalty glasses or send to ban. This type of competition is needed to find talented players and invite them to participate in competitions.

There is a ladder complicated, where the opponent will not need to look for the player. The program will select it itself in terms of skill.

Next series of competitions also for lovers. Take part in this series of tournaments may command that showed a high result of the palder. Competitions can be both teams and one on one. If the command shows the highest class in this structure, it can participate in Pro Series or One.

For professionals

In these series, the strongest teams compete. Large events bring huge winners to winners. Typically, tournaments are large, and they participate in them the best masters of their case. Competitions known, world firms sponsor. In such tournaments they play in the format "Round Robbin".

Game season lasts about six months. All participants who will compete, are known in advance. If one team loses in the match, then it returns to the initial series of Ladder.

The most grandiose event in this area is IEM. Competitions pass on Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends. Although this event is not larger by ESL One, the difference is only in disciplines. 7 seasons of competitions behind. Chief Sponsor of Games – Intel. Celebrating European League organized the first series of games. They compete teams for the title of the best. The best received fees and the opportunity to participate in the final. In 2008, the tournament became international. The debut of the series began with the game in the confutor strike.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT game has not received access to 5 and follow-up seasons. QUAKE LIVE played 4 and 5 seasons.

WC3L Series 3 Warcrast is the most prestigious Europa League. Organized competition back in 2002. Over the years, it was very popular. The games of this series came to watch a large number of game fans.

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