The most important thing in slot machines

Any slot machine from a good provider has its own mathematical model. This is what affects the results. Slot machines work and produce random meanings in accordance with their mathematics, so its RTP is the most important indicator for each slot machine (return to the player).

RTP is our all

The only way to be in a plus is to choose a slot machine with a maximum value of volatility and the highest RTP or, speaking by simple language, with the lowest advantage for online casino and the highest for hemball. If you analyze the manufacturers of the first gaming machines of the online gambling industry, you will notice that many offer quite low returns to the player. For example, the well-known Book of RA slot has RTP only 94.26%. That is, the advantage of online casino is 5.74%. We still recommend that you give the advantage of the game in slots with RTP above the threshold of 96%. On the online casino there are no overhead costs like ground slots. As a result, the online casino can afford a little more to give to players.

Volatility is no less important thing

In addition to RTP, there is another important thing called volatility, which is also called oscillation, variability or dispersion. Simply put, this is the limit of maximum, medium and small payments. Imagine that in one slot there are many small winnings, while another slot does not pay small winnings, but launches large bonuses or shows only high-paying characters. In addition, there is another important thing that is commonly known as the cycle of slot machines. For example, DOA or Wish Master slots will have very long cycles, they need a lot of time to complete, and you will rarely manage to win something during short sessions, although the RTP last game is high – 98%.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the player should consider three important points, studying the slot machine before playing for real money: RTP, volatility and game cycle. If the RTP slot is below 96%, think well to play it or not, it is the lowest reasonable threshold. Except that you brings great pleasure to the gameplay, and this is also a lot. In this case, do not deny yourself the pleasure to play in this slot.

In addition, if you want to play long and make small bets, you should choose high volatility slots. True, the winnings will rarely take place in such circumstances. The most effective way is to play slots with high rates with low and medium volatility. Space Wars slot machines are suitable for such a game, BRIDESMAIDS slots from microgaming and even Victorious and Dazzle Me from Netent.

The only way to win and make money is to play with very high rates, and not for a long period of time with low. The more we play, the more we lose. Roughly speaking, if we put the dollar on the spin, and the RTP slot is 96%, we can calculate that each spin is worth 4 cents, or 100 rotations are 4 dollars and so on.

And last: remember the pleasure that you get from the game. You can have a good fun playing online slots. One of the main reasons why online slots were developed, lies in the fact that people who do not have enough time can enjoy gambling after working at home. Playing on your mobile phone, you will never be bored while traveling.

So, find a good slot machine and give a fascinating gameplay, fully enjoying audio / video visual effects and other components of the game.

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