The oldest casino in the world is struggling to find new management

Unlocked by the Municipal Council of Venice Public Tender on the search for new management The oldest casino in the world ended with nothing. On Friday, it was not possible to change the management of the casino, which belongs to this advice since 1946.

Director of Casino – Vittorio Rava in his interview with the newspaper La Nuova Di Venezia E Mestre stated that the price requested the Council for the 30-year agreement was too high. The municipal council requested 500 million euros, which beat off the desire of all potential investors to take on the management of such a respected casino, which exists from 1638.

Even before the start of the tender, some participants said that they expected to hear a lower price – said Major Venice Georgio Orsoni news agency Agimeg Italy. "True, we all need to understand that instead asked too much the price", Orsoni continued.

"Now we have to decide whether to try to call for a new public tender or start some new negotiations behind closed doors. What can be argued is that we need private investment to avoid significant reductions in casino labor resources and significant restructuring of casino action", said Major.

According to the terms of the public tender to manage the prestigious Ca’Vendramin Calergi casino and modern CA ‘Noghera, investors would have to guarantee an advance payment about € 140 million and subsequent investments at least € 308 million, which will be paid throughout the 30-year contract. In addition, the honor of managing both of the Venice casino was with an annual igneal tax of € 16 million, which will be paid to the state.

In addition to the above, Italian bureaucrats managed to complicate things, adding to the numbers above the fact that, starting with the seventh year of actions, the new management should also pay a fee (at least) 5% on Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) over 140 million euros.

"The game is not finished yet, and I am sure that we will find a solution for a casino", said the mayor of Orsoni, explaining how poor Public Tender’s result could help the start of some new negotiations with companies potentially interested in casino management – I must say that significant "discount" There is a possible.

"We are open to start a round table with the Venetian municipal council and the current casino management", Posted by Slovenian gambling hit casino group in a message sent by the media. "We are open to discussion, is it possible to find a way to answer the interests of all involved parties".

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