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It’s no secret that online casino, namely Slot machines Enjoy mad popularity. Therefore, the developers of slots are constantly working on the improvement of automata and invent new topics that will be interested in the audience. Now each automatic is ready to boast 3D graphics and excellent functional. But everyone chooses the topic that is closer to him. Consider the most popular gambling.

Many players stop on slot machines. It turned out that the audience prefers the slots that were created on films and comics.

Microgaming has created a heath slot based on a popular film. This game combines video game and slot machine. All symbols and style of the game completely reminds a movie about the hired killer.

Iron man 2 also takes popularity among gamers . This slot machine has 5 drums and 25 active lines. In order for the player as stronger as possible all the power of the Hero of Comic Marvel, the developers allowed players to shoot with weapons.

Another film, which was based on a gambling – "People-X". 5 drums and 25 lines appear on the screen in front of the player. Also, the slot boasts a variety of functions. The game has a special round called "Heroes against Village". On the screen, the gamer sees familiar symbols of different significance.

"Incredible Hulk" can also not stay in the shadow of gembrellas. The main character on the film and the slot – the evil and green mutant, which is trying to all around. The game will delight users with interesting scanthes, unusual features and special features.

The next popular slot machine is "how the thunder amazed". The game consists of 243 prize lines. In addition, it has a bunch of extra rounds.

"Treasures of mermaids" is a completely different topic, not like previous slots. Although no less popular. The players were very familiar with marine topics: cartoon sea residents, mermaids and other symbols soothe and raise the mood.

Who loves the Games Urgently, it boldly chooses "girls with weapons". In this game, the gamer will have to fight evil. The main feature of the slot are girls with unique skills that oppose drug player. In this slot, the buttons for the player are very convenient. And the whole game passes in the style of "Militari".

The most popular slot, among everyone is Batman. The game was developed by Microgaming based on a famous film. I wonder what this firm worked with the creators of the film.

Although slot machines occupy almost all the space, both in the ground and online casino, but the roulette also remains one of the most sought-after games. Playing roulette is quite simple: you should bet and run the wheel. If the wheel stops on the same issue on which the rate was made, the player won.

At the top of popularity among gambling players is poker. Although all the most important poker events are not engaged not virtually, ordinary users are used to playing this game online. On the one hand, it is very convenient, and on the other – virtual trends can change the game not for the better.

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