Senator proposed legislation for the construction of a new casino in Indiana

Member of the Senate from Indiana, reports that he intends, at the beginning of next year, to make changes to legislation that will allow placing a casino in the city of Terre-hot. 17 game tables and slot machines will be installed in the complex, in the amount of more than 700 pieces.

According to the message from the Television Program Inside Indiana Business, John Ford explained that the proposed place of entertainment will be able to generate up to 1250 new jobs and ensure the municipal and district government a reliable flow of tax revenues.

Republican also stated that his legislation will allow the Full House Resorts Incorporated Casino operator to move with half games from its Rising Star Casino Resort to a new object in Terre Hot.

"This project will provide so necessary tax revenues and workplaces for Terre-Hot" Said Ford. "The gaming industry has done a lot for state and host communities over the past 20 years, and for our region it will be a significant opportunity to improve the investment climate. This legislation can provide a new economic impetus to Terre-Hot ".

Ford additionally reports that terre-hot is the perfect place for the new casino, because it lies at least two hours from other game establishments in Indiana and Illinois with the closest competitor to FRENCH Lick Resort Casino at a distance of about 108 miles to Orange County.

According to Inside Indiana Business to build a new Casino Vigo County, you need from $ 100 million to $ 150 million. John Ford added that the object in Terre-hot will also help ensure the long-term viability of Rising Star Casino Resort, which suffers from revenue.

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