Scandalous debt of 2 million Tsukernik. dollars

The scandal around Tsukernik debt – Casino King’s owner before the poker pro Matthew Kirk.

As you know, Leon Tsoukernik during a poker game with high limits borrowed from Mattew Kirk – famous Australian poker player 3 million USD, of which one has been returned yet.

For the remaining debt all disputes went to the legal plane because of the reluctance to return the loan Tsukernik. On the 2 + 2 forums has already lined up legal claims. Lawsuits have been filed in the court of the State of Nevada Clark County. The process involves such well-known "sharks" jurisdiction Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff (Las Vegas). They act in the interests of Australian Matthew Kirk.

David Chesnoffa tactics based on the fact that the process of borrowing money fits into the framework of the "deal" that provides legally binding agreement. Lawyer by Tsukernik defends the opposite position – outstanding balance is a gambling debt, does not hold the legal force.

The dispute over the court to decide, but either way Tsukernik rating, as the owner of a European casino, which presents popular Slot machines, It suffers that significant in the light of upcoming events in October. King’s Casino will host the European Poker WSOP tournament with a prize fund of 20 million EUR and the drawing of the eleven gold bracelets.

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