Again the poker scandal: new debt zucchernik

The new accusation of Zucernik – the owner of the European Kings Casino, which presents Slot machines, In non-return, the debt sounded from the Chinese-Canadian Penicistist and Businessman Elton Tsang. Elton Tsang calls the amount of non-payment in 2000,000 €.

Not yet dick scandal about the non-return of debt owner of the Kings Casino cherikist from Australia Matthew Kirk, as the new similar event happened. In the continuation of the story, according to Elton Tsang, Zuchernik dug out from paying a loan after playing poker with high rates.

Richard York – the buddy of Elton invited him to the game in Barcelona, ​​where the acquaintance of Canguz with Zuchernik, also participated in the competition also Tony Ji, Peter Chan, Dan "jungleman12", Fyodor Holz and Winfred.

At the start of the game Paddl made up 4K €, Burns 1K € / 2k €. The major loss of Cangga at the beginning of the game at 1400,000 € ended at the end of the session with a plus of 2800,000 €, while the blinds increased to 5K € / 10k €. On the emotional rise from the winning Zang agreed to the sentence of Zuchernik Hedz-up 10K € / 20k €, which was the result of a loss of 1,400,000 €, his plus decreased to 1320,000 €.

The next day, in the continuation of the game, Tsang was already in the post of 1400,000 €, but then recovered and reduced his minus to 130,000 €.

Winning Tsang in the final session, in which he played with Cate, Christoph Fogelsang and Leon rose to 2000,000 €, and it was, at Zucernik, he won almost the entire amount, since Christophe’s loss was 65,000 €, and Kates – 200,000 €.

The next meeting of the players was marked by the return of 1,200,000 € 1200,000 lost in the first two sessions, but the loss in the third session, Leon refused, motivating the fact that the game was "strange" and not honest, while the Zuchernik accused Elton in Lies.

The chances of Matthew Kirk, who fed to the court to the court, to return the debt much more than Elton Cangga, because in European countries the debt formed as a result of gambling, does not lie in the legal field.

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