Spain may completely ban gambling advertising

In Spain, advertisements for online casinos and bookmakers may be completely banned. The Spanish government ombudsman Francisco Fernandez Marugan calls for this. According to him, he receives a huge number of complaints from citizens who are very unhappy with the annoying advertising of gambling.
“Nowadays gambling already has similarities with the use of drugs or alcohol. The Spanish government should at least make a time limit for the display of such advertisements. Also, it is necessary to prohibit various well-known personalities from taking part in advertising gambling. But an exception can be made for state lotters, ”the ombudsman said.
Also, Francisco Fernandez Marugan believes that the authorities need to strengthen the policy of responsible gambling, aimed at protecting the most vulnerable players. To do this, it is necessary to increase taxes for operators of the gambling market from which the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction will be financed.

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