The specificity of the work of the casino on the water

Casino on water or floating casino is a rather rare form of gembling business. This business has its own specificity of the work, which will be talked below.

Floating casino and liners where there are game rooms – this is not the same. These concepts are often considered the same, however, it is not.

Gambling on large vessels are available for the ship’s guests to ensure that those were able to diversify their leisure. However, the game of the game on the vessel also has its own characteristics. When the vessel enters neutral water, then it has the law of that state in which it was registered. This feature allows owners to pay minimum taxes on gambling. However, the casino on the vessel will be closed until the ship is near the shore. Ship games can be completely different, it all depends on the course of the ship. Only adults are allowed to play, and different countries have an age scale: USA – 21, Japan – 20, Australia and Europe – 18 years.

On the ships there is always a huge number of game machines. This is explained by the fact that anyone can play. In the slots do not need to know the special rules or have specific skills.

There are practically no professional players on the vessels. In such places, guests play only for entertainment, and not for earnings. Therefore, as a rule, bets on any symbolic games. Yes, and a variety of games are small.

But specialized casinos on the water, these are the most ordinary gambling establishments, only they are equipped with water. They have no route, they do not swim anywhere, each casino has its location. Casino is subordinate to the law of that country in whose waters it is. Of course, the size of gambling institutions is not large-scale, but here is a wide variety of games, and the service itself is higher than on ordinary ships.

Indian floating gambling establishments

Such is on Goa, and this is a headache for the state. Authorities cannot come to a common opinion regarding the floating casino. Who says these institutions have long time to close, who sees the solution to the problem in moving a casino on land, and who offers to transfer them to other waters. Despite the disputes, the authorities understand that this type of entertainment constantly attracts many tourists, and this is an additional money in the treasury. Now officials want to move 6 vents on the water at Aguada Bay. But there is one big problem: for this form of gaming business, the authorities have not yet come up with uniform rules. For quite a long time the state insisted on the transfer of a casino from water to land, and even the earth was highlighted for this, but the movement reaches the year after year. In this situation, the operators suffer most. They should receive new licenses every six months.

Japanese floating gambling establishments

More recently, Japan allowed gambling at a legitimate level. Now the state is working to create game laws and developing strategies for game zones.

In Japan, the floating casinos are huge ships that float at the rate. It is similar to the casino on the water in India and on the liners with game zones. While the law on the legalization of gambling business has not yet been adopted, ships with casino sent to neutral water. In the afternoon, this is a common ship, and at night – a full casino with a huge list of games.

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