Comparative analysis of regulating online gembling in the USA and Europe

Over the past 20 years, gambling online games have become widespread and gradually displaces ordinary gambling halls. Ground gambling operators saw the potential of online space and gradually moved to a new format.

Currently popular slot machines that players loved so much in their favorite land casinos around the world appeared in all online casinos, and it became clear that now you can turn the drums, wherever you are. Despite the fact that now you can access online casino, online gambling has a number of certain rules, and much depends on where players live and what are the rules of gambling in this particular jurisdiction.

Over the past 10-15 years, several licensing mechanisms have been created in the world, which were complemented repeatedly and were introduced in different countries.

The Association of Gambling in the European Union has always proposed that licenses for gambling are monitored by the European Commission, but it has never been carried out. It was reported that the European Commission is working to create a basic unified law for online games in the EU, but Europe is still waiting for the result of such negotiations.

In the European Union, gambling online games are very scattered. Some countries such as Malta, United Kingdom (still part of the EU), Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden and Denmark have clear licensing procedures that are regulated by local authorities. In these countries, there are a number of laws that must be respected by operators. These markets realized that to attract international operators and investing in regulated markets, a transparent and competitive law should act. However, this does not apply to all 28 European Union Member States, some decided to completely ban licensing online casinos, as well as resort to blocking IP addresses and ban on websites to prevent international operators.

If we talk about the United States, then this is a completely different market with its own characteristics. In the online online gambling industry, the United States has happened to his "black friday", which is not related to the biggest day of shopping. Black Friday refers by April 15, 2011, this is the day when the United States opened a criminal case against the world’s largest poker companies operating in the country at the time. Thus, the entire governing industry in America was actually destroyed. Since 2011, Americans have lost right to play online casinos, but these dark days are already behind.

On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court made it possible to adopt legislation allowing sports rates if the staff wishes by canceling the Federal Law, which actually prohibited gambling. This law was the result of a long attempt to the state of New Jersey legalize the sports bets in Atlantic City after the referendum of his citizens in 2011.

The decision of the Supreme Court did not make sports rates in the United States, and returned back to the courts of individual states to legitimize and adjust the rates on the sport, if they find it appropriate. It was also decided to enroll with many types of unfortunate gambling, such as gambling online casino.

Partial re-opening of the American market led to the fact that gigantic companies entered the market and focused on consolidating their presence in the US. Most of these companies have developed an exclusive online casino for players from the United States and have undergone significant improvements, providing an excellent new experience. The most notable is 888 NJ, one of the most famous online rates operators in the world, which provides the players a safe, reliable and fair place for games since its first launch in 1997.

However, concerns to become mixed as the European market still persist. Some States do not want to regulate online casino licensing procedures. The future of gambling online games in the United States is still vague, since there are many signals that in some states can block online casinos. This is definitely an interesting story, because, being a US citizen, you have unequal freedom throughout the United States.

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