Is it worth changing online casino after a big victory

Is it worth changing online casino after a major win? Many players believe that after a big winning it is forever to leave this online casino, because the slot machines will try to return the winning amount and return to the source RTP (return player). Let’s try this to find out.

How to pay winnings online Casino? First of all, let’s try to understand the technical process of choosing players who are lucky to get a major win. Software chooses who will receive a big gain, and who will not receive anything, even playing with a high rate. No one can interfere with the operation of the random number generator, and the prize winning fund (amount paid by lucky) is formed from the rates of all players in the selected game machine during the period (cycle duration). To clarify this, look at the example of the NETENT software.

Suppose you play online slot Piggy Riches. At this point, the other 9 players also play this slot. Suppose all 10 players put € 10 for spin. So, with each rotation, players add to the prize fund € 100.

According to the RTP (percentage of return player) in the Piggy Riches slot is 96.4%. Thus, 96.4% of the total prize fund will be returned as winning. When players do not win anything, € 96.4 adds to the pool. Having achieved a certain "critical" amount, one or more players was lucky to win a full pool or part.

Netent’s game slots are similar to an instant lottery in which all participants add money to the pool when they make bets, and the lucky man gets them. Netent policy priority is to create equal conditions for all players and guarantee an honest game. Thus, players should not lose or win a lot of consecutive, if the RTP car is 96%, at the very end (after millions of rotations) it should be equal to 96%.

Let’s consider the technical component. Suppose we launched South Park 2 slot machine. What happens next? As soon as we launch any game in the NETENT casino, it connects to the Net Entertainment servers and shows the "answer" (symbol sequence). Regardless of which online casino you run South Park 2 slot machine, as you are connected to the same NETENT servers.

In other words, it makes no sense to change online casino after a big victory. Especially if the operator cash money quickly, no problem. First, it means that the selected online casino trust. Secondly, your account has already been confirmed. Enjoy the game in your favorite online casino.

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