Strategy game of slot machines

Slot machines Confidently occupy the first place in the list of the most popular casino games. Slots went around roulette, blackjack, poker and other entertainment, which in their arsenal offline and online casino. In any casino on the Internet, the slots are much more than other games combined.
Each player wants to find Slot Machines Strategy, which will effectively minimize losses and increase winnings. In an effort to defeat slot machines, gambling players come up with various tactics and rates, algorithms of action and other strategies.
"Basic Strategy" is an attempt to increase the mathematical expectation of a certain event. For example, in some games on the matematical wait can affect the rate of the rate in a certain way. At the same time, any algorithm rates implies that you must take into account the results of previous rounds. However, in the slot machines, the back is absolutely independent and not connected with each other, respectively, there is no point in building a gaming strategy based on algorithm rates. Therefore, the basic strategy when playing slots does not work.
Tuest that no rate system is capable of changing the advantage of a casino laid in slot machines, in the game systems in slot machines, there is still a certain meaning. Systems in slots can be useful for time monitoring and bankroll, they organize the gameplay and can really help the player to improve their chances of winning.

Strategy "Martingale"

Theoretically, this method can be used in any game in which there are rates. The essence of the method is that if the player has failed and lost a bet, the next bet makes two times more. Etc. A series of failure will surely interrupt, through one or more horses of the game will certainly be a win, which will cover losses from previous rates and bring money. This strategy is based on the theory of probability – with each subsequent rate, the probability of winning increases. This technique is suitable for those who have a deposit amount able to withstand substantial spending when playing a casino for money.

Strategy "Anti-Martinkle

All as in the previous strategy exactly the opposite. The rate must be reduced by 2 times after losing, and after winning – to increase by 2 times. Someone such a trick will seem illogical. Many have come across that game slots after winning give a series of losing combinations. But right and the opposite – there is a series of several winning combinations in a row. Try this strategy in action on slot machines to start in free demo mode.

Strategy "Naked Pulls"

The essence of the Naked Pulls strategy is to constantly do the same bet. This allows you to clearly control the amount spent. If you define in advance the number of rounds of the game, then the strategy will limit losses and will not allow you to spend too much.

Strategy "One game"

This type of strategy involves getting a winnings from the first rate. Further game is done on the gain received. Your original deposit is safe and maintained in your pocket. In case of failure with the first rate, the player proceeds to the next machine and comes in the same way. In this strategy, you need to determine in advance the amount that the player is ready to take.

Strategy "Zigzag"

This strategy involves simultaneous game on several game slots. So the player increases the chances of winning. In addition, this strategy helps to determine the most generous automaton with the highest percentage of remuneration.

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